Rica Bath & Body

Butter All Over
Milk Bath
Bathtub Tea
Fennel Rosehip

Rica Bath & Body:  

Handmade, handpoured, handpackaged, fresh made to order, small batch heaping helpings of Southern family recipes from Our Kitchen to your bath. We are your Skincare Personal Chefs “Comfort Food For The Skin.” Our products are made containing no synthetic preservatives, colorants, parabens, sulfates or petroleum. We  use the most restorative and recognizable natural ingredients from around the globe that are pure, simple and effective. Bathe in buttermilk & rose petals, exfoliate with sugarcane crystals & raspberry seeds and moisturize with mango butter, avocado & passion fruit oil. We like to think of it as comfort food for the skin, making you feel good inside and out!


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