The collection I represent consists of textiles, lighting and home accessories. I specialize in finding lines that are fresh, with special relevance to the California marketplace. I look for crafted products that have a voice and a unique point of view. 

My current collection emerged and evolved with my own journey through retail. I previously created and ran 3 stores in Los Angeles: Imagine, Imagine That and Duet. My stores were always all about quality, creativity, and fantasy. And quality! In the mid '80's Imagine was a mecca in Los Angeles for anyone furnishing children’s rooms. Then as boutiques gave way to larger chains and my own children were moving into adolescence, I got ready for a new retail challenge. Duet Home Furnishings was born in 2006. This store was the "grown up" version of Imagine, interior design for adults with a taste for whimsy and luxury.

My life and adventures in retail then took another twist. With grown children, I found it was time for me to move north to Marin County, which I always loved and where I had longed to settle. I also wanted to create a more flexible lifestyle, moving away from store ownership. Now I am happy to focus on finding the best stores and designers to show off a beautiful homeware collection that I have put together.

In 2013 Andrea Wolman Representation emerged from this personal journey.  

I look forward to introducing these lines to buyers and designers.  Please follow the links to view the product; feel free to contact me for an appointment or with any questions.