Neem Living

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The breeze brings together memories of fresh awakenings. The air is peaceful, soft and sensual. Shadows lengthen under the canopy of the old and gentle neem tree.

We lie in bed and dream, the earth has blessed us with countless luxuries, including this fine cotton. We revel in the beauty and ease of simplicity. In the craft of objects artfully made and well loved.

The neem collection begins each day as a new departure, a new creation. It beautifully demonstrates that nothing exists on its own. Life is a complex web, full of connection, relationships and synchronicity. With eloquent dialogues of colour, texture, in this case fabric. Harmony.

Neem is a collaboration, it brings together the sophisticated elements of American design with the craftsmanship and historical skills and techniques of shades of India, This refined but easy collection is reserved for those who intrinsically value nature and the sublime beauty if her creations.  

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