R Wood Ceramics

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Rebecca came to Athens, Georgia in 1975, during the art/music heyday that produced so many bands and talented artists. She completed her art degree in drawing and painting in 1977 and stayed on in Athens, soaking up the exciting brew of ideas and creativity.

She spent the next ten years painting still lifes in oil, selling most of the pieces she made. However, a stock market downturn during a solo exhibit in 1987 convinced her it was time to diversify. Soon she began designing and painting furniture, jewelry, fabric, and other household items. She took a china painting class because she'd always had a vision of selling hand painted tea pots at Neiman Marcus. After realizing the fragility of the paints on china, she decided to make her own plates and use colored glazes. A friend bought her a used kiln at a yard sale for $200. Rebecca ordered some clay and glazes, got out a rolling pin, and with no knowledge of pottery, started rolling out circles of clay. Some of her first plates she threw in a suitcase with her samples of hand painted velveteens and hats, and went to New York to meet the buyers at Barney's and Zona, the trendiest boutique in town. The buyer for Zona's japan store abruptly left the room, but returned soon after with an order pad, where she wrote out an order for $1500 dollars worth of plates. Rebecca was stunned, and R.Wood Studio was born.

Fast forward to now. R.wood Studio is 27 years old, and one of the largest pottery studios in America. Rebecca proudly employs 8 artists who oversee the workings of the studio, leaving Rebecca time to pursue her creative interests. Besides creating her one of a kind ceramics, Rebecca is also one of the photographers behind the blog, and book, Beauty Everyday. It represents a pictorial and poetic love affair with  southern beauty. She also has a blog called 'southernshacks.com', where she documents the beauty of old homesteads and rural structures. She is often found in the garden or the woods, studying nature in all it's expressions. Through pictures and drawings she studies the beauty in our world. These drawings and photographs inform all of her works, whether ceramics, sewing, gardening, or any other creative exploration! Beauty Everyday!



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