Charlie Sprout


While the purpose of Charlie Sprout is to create innovative and high-end, handcrafted home furnishings, its mission is to help artisan women in our country, and around the work, to generate sustainable income. The decorative pillows and throws are are currently produced here in the USA y women artisans that need economic help in the Los Angeles, California area, allowing them to work from home to raise and take care of their families. The newest category to be added to the collection of products, the Imibala hardgood decorative accessories (meaning “Colors” in SiSwati), was carefully designed and developed in New York City, and handmade thousands of mules away by the artisan women in Swaziland, Africa that Rebecca felt called to work with after an eye-opening and life changing journey in April of 2017.

Each piece is crafted from scratch - from the harvesting and dying of sisal, to the intricate hand weaving and printing techniques, all the way through the embroidery and embellishment phase - and created with sustainable resources.